Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've been missing.. but not totally...

So, my computer exploded. And the cobbler's children have no shoes, ie Sir has been really busy with working on other computers and software, but not the desktop yet. So I have to goof of on the laptop...which you Know is a problem  because little Mr e loves the great sound the keys make when he slips him fingernail under them and flicks them off "click click click" onto the floor. Sir does not like that sounds as much as little Mr does.  I'm typing on a keyboard that has three keys missing as it is.... thankfully not crucial keys, but we think the baby ate them.  So.. late blogging.
But I do have a great website to share... I've been loving it all morning and I couldn't wait to blog about it.  I LOVE this site.  LOVE it.  Am so proud to think of the sisters working on it and the good work they are doing.
What is it about?  Redefining our personal Beauty not on our body shape, size, weight, or outward appearance, but on our divine nature and true worth.  But in an intelligent, literary way, scientifically showing and explaining the comerical statistics facing our children and selves daily, objectifying women and even little girls.  And  so well done that it's not only readable but enjoyable.

Want to read it yet?  Hope so- you won't be disappointed, you will be fascinated, and you might change a few bad habits for ones that make your heart and emotions sing!

Here you go:


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