Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Empty and refilled

I accidentally on purpose left blogging in the spring after the death of a close friend's child. She has been killed by a drunk driver, and although the sweet family was very strong, and still is extremely strong,  the power of that one car struck not just the child and her father (who lives), but the lives of my children and nieces and nephews, who needed near constant care. My husband didn't realize he was freaked out, but he had to call every afternoon several times a day to make sure that all was well with me and the kids.... yeah, he was freaked a bit.  My daughter, Edie, and I had many MANY talks about heaven and her Heavenly Father, and how His love was encompassing, and where her little friend was, and ...and then there was our sweet son, Adam, who chose oblivion, but was relieved when his friends, the girl's brothers, returned to cub scouts.  So, I forgot to blog. Anything.  But now I'm going to try again, and we'll jsut see if I can get my lyme brian in order.  ALSO....TADA!  I'm going to talk about some of the craftiness involved in my life as I try to remake our house.  It's a little cluttered and overwhelming... as are our lives post Lyme.... so hopefully with the help of some lyrica and a lot of pain killers, little remodels often instead of big ones periodically will make some big differences. and I'm hoping to share! So... back to business, and no more procrastiblogging...

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